Aissa is currently a Junior at Santa Susana High School. Her focus area of study at this school of choice is Film.  Aissa aspires to be a film director, film editor and screen writer. Since freshman year, Aissa has won top awards at each annual Film Stock, for the films she has directed and edited.  She has several films under her belt that she has written, produced, directed and edited. Last year’s documentary film on the plight of the homeless, “THE EXCHANGE”,  received many accolades across the nation as she created it in hopes to inspire a change in the way we see the homeless across the world.

    In her school principals’ words, “Aissa’s focus, tenacity and persistence are just some of her notable qualities. As a technical student, she represents the top 1% of students.” As a sophomore, Aissa produced some of the most advanced student films, including a promotional video for fundraising within the Film Department, a promotional film for the entire school that is used for its advertising, and a film case study on three teenagers impacted by cancer, depression and homosexuality.

     Due to her skills and professionalism, Aissa was hand-picked to produce the Simi Valley Unified AB1486 Training Video for Mandated Child Abuse and Reporting. The 40 minute film will educate all district employees annually.

     Her passion and unsuprassed editing skills landed her an incredible internship opportunity with Smile TV in Junior year. She is now concentrating her focus on her shared senior project with Ryan Bermont “The Loud Silence”, which they hope to eventually make into a nationwide movement on helping to integrate students with special needs with the rest of the students in each school community.

     By mixing her art with her passions for social justice, Aissa is the next young filmmaker to watch out for in the coming years.  

                                                                      About Ryan Bermont:

     Ryan is currently a junior in Santa Susana High School with a focus on Theater. He has been in the film industry since he was seven years old. With acting roles in various television shows, commercials and movies, Ryan quickly learned the inner workings of sets and was drawn to the art of capturing an image to tell the story. Ryan’s sensitivity to people’s lives and environments leads art to be able to produce touching cinematography in film.

     The art of motion picture photography is what captures an audience through vision, something that Ryan discovered he had a knack for over four years ago. The lighting, location, choice of cameras, lenses and filters combined with the proper editing is what takes an audience on a journey through film, and Ryan is quickly rising in this field, as he shows his cinematography work through such films as “SMILE” AND “The Loud Silence”.

     Ryan’s love of photography crossed into cinematography when he discovered he can make an audience look through a keyhole to see the world that he and the director were trying to create. His astuteness in capturing movement  enhanced by lighting makes this young filmmaker a one to look out for in the film industry.

Together, Aissa Carnet and Ryan Bermont make the perfect team of story tellers. Adding social justice to their platform, they are a powerful combination in the area of student filmmaking.

                                                       ​About Aissa Carnet: 

​                                                              About TRU Production:

TRU Production was founded in 2015 by student Filmmaker Aissa Carnet and student Cinematographer Ryan Bermont. Together, they have created several films, mostly specializing in documentaries and drama. As a creative team, they enjoy developing films that challenge people’s thoughts and channels their emotions to provoke open conversations about the topic. Ryan and Aissa are the next generation of young filmmakers that hope to meld the art of making film with inspiring social change.