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The focus of this documentary is to raise awareness of the needs, programs, services, and lives for students with severe disabilities. The importance of education cannot be overestimated for any individual, and it is especially vital for individuals with disabilities, who have often been excluded from the education process due to the misconceived notions that their difficulties affect their ability to learn.

High School students Aissa Carnet and Ryan Bermont take us on a documentary journey through the lives of special needs students and the struggles and sacrifices that they and their families face head-on on a daily basis. The crucial goal of this documentary is to start a movement to help break the barrier between the special needs students and other students in every school environment.

Aissa and Ryan have a dream of a world that embraces children with disabilities as full participants in our schools and communities, where the “invisible line” that keep us apart can disappear, and the wall we have built to separate our lives will no longer exist.

Please join our movement by sharing the hashtag #TheLoudSilence. Help by sharing the knowledge on how to overcome the fears and barriers that separate children with and without disabilities by changing our own mindset. Help us share that children with disabilities need to belong to the world that they help make more beautiful every day.

It’s a voice that has been screaming to be heard. #TheLoudSilence

- Tru Production